Don't Get Your Hopes Up 
(Reap & Sow Records - 2007)
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2008 San Diego Music Awards
"Winner Best Americana Or Country album"

Recorded with Jason Hee, the newest Midnight member, at his home studio in Golden Hill. This album finds the band reinventing themselves as a power-trio and further exploring the boundaries of their beloved country-rock. The extended interludes on tracks like Divided Too Long, Can't Stay and Ocean Floor, are some of the finest examples of the band's jamming captured in the studio. Are You The One That Controls The Spider? and Suck Job At The Oasis find Bobby contributing to the songwriting this time around too.

"The thirteen tracks included push the aural envelope.... Between its intricate harmonies and screaming guitars set against a country groove, the title track is practically a definitive statement on (the band's) musical mission."
- LoudTrax


Live At Earthling Studios
(Reap & Sow Records - 2003)
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A cornucopia of the band's mid-2000s live set. This double-live album was recorded at Mike Kamoo's Earthling Studios in front of a frenzied audience of friends and fans in 2003. The discs include blistering, live favorites Sasquatch & Southern Half Sin. This is the only recording to capture performances by onetime members Jeremy Cooke (fiddle) and Ben Cook (bass).


Billy Midnight
(Reap & Sow Records - 2001)
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In 2000 the trio, including Chris Greenspan on bass, hit the studio to record their second album with Jason Hill (Convoy, Louis XIV) at the helm. The band managed to capture half of the tunes before Hill's band departed on tour with Aerosmith. They completed the recording, mixing and mastering with Mike Kamoo at Earthling Studios. This album captures the band's fascination with experimentation and atmospherics and displays the "Cosmic-American" ethos of which Billy and Bobby dreamed. Highlights include the Americana opener, Shedlife, with its syrupy telecaster licks and Mir, a country space-rock ode to the doomed Russian satellite. Songs like Girl In Space and Long Time Lady are loaded with Billy Midnight's trademark brotherly harmonies.


Streaming on the Web

Live @ Soho Bar & Restaurant
Santa Barbara, CA (May 26, 2007)
Recorded by Jim Tourville
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